Tip's AutoCAD Tricks

How did we ever get by without right-click shortcut menus in AutoCAD? Here's another example of why this functionality is probably the single most important advancement in AutoCAD since plot previews were added.

The next time you need to adjust one of your viewports just select it and right-click to open a handy shortcut menu. In AutoCAD 2002 and 2004, there are four viewport-specific options shown. They are:

Viewport Clip.
Display Viewport Object; with Yes and No sub-options.
Display Locked; with Yes and No sub-options.
Shade Plot; with As Displayed, Wireframe, Hidden, and Rendered sub-options.

AutoCAD 2005 adds a fifth option: Maximize Viewport. This is a new command, which as its name implies, expands the selected viewport to full screen.

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